The TVCDC infant program serves children 8 weeks to 18 months of age.  Each classroom operates by or below the State regulated child-to-teacher ratio and are intentionally designed to create a warm, safe, and healthy start to a child’s first day-care experience.  The loving and passionate staff team understand the rapid growth and development associated with these first months and seek to provide an emotionally secure and intellectually rich surrounding.


As part of our partnership with families, the infant staff team adheres to an open-door policy for parent visits.  Spontaneous parental visits and interactions help forge a close and loving relationships between the care-giver, parent, and child.  This in turn helps foster our infant’s emotional security and curiosity.  

Additionally, our infant learning environment provides a comfortable and clean space for infants to play, sleep, and explore.  Each room is equipped with age appropriate toys and furniture approved by CO. State licensing regulations that will encourage mental stimulation while also establishing a space for them to develop in their physical mobility.

Activities are not scheduled in the infant rooms, rather our teachers take ques from and support the natural schedule and rhythm each child inherently gravitates toward in regard to their personal eating, sleeping, and playing habits. 

8 Weeks - 18 Months
 2 days per week - $    570/month 
 3 days per week - $    860/month
 5 days per week - $ 1,425/month 

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